Found It on the Internet Friday #2

July 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

This will never be what it's supposed to be. Just not gonna happen.

I found this awesome tutorial for making ojami (japanese bean bags) a couple weeks ago and thought, “Hey, that does look like fun!” So I decided it would be this week’s FIotIF project. It looked simple enough, and really, it probably is. But when you’re too lazy to look up the instructions on your interwebby device and just trust to your somewhat dodgy memory, things can go — and in this case clearly have gone — awry.

Now that I’m looking at the instructions, I clearly skipped, oh, about 7 steps. And also just made up a bunch of stuff. So I’m thinking I’ll try this one again over the weekend, actually following the directions this time. And I think it’ll turn out great. Because again, awesome tutorial. It’s hardly their fault I’m too lazy to follow them.


Just a Little Something

July 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I finished Azzu’s Shawl, made with the leftover skein of Arucania Ranco Multy I had from this wrap:

Snuggly soft and just warm enough

I think I might be addicted to these little shawlettes…especially now that I’ve discovered that a) there are a ton of patterns out there for them and b) many of those patterns can be made with a skein of sock yarn, which I have *ahem* an abundance of. And I don’t really knit socks anymore…it just sort of wore off (mostly because I don’t really wear them much except around the house in the winter, and that seems like a waste of pretty yarn and good knitting). So lets see how many of those skeins I can make into more of these little pretties before I get tired of them, too. Next up is the Out of My Head pattern with my treasured skein of Sanguine Gryphon Eidos in the Tyndareus colorway.

So's you can see the pretty lace patterning.

The eagle-eyed among you may spot a rather large error in the completed shawl here. Please note that the error is all mine and is due to my lack of paying attention rather than any lack of clarity on the designer’s part. I happened to be far enough past the error and also far enough into the “OMG I’m almost done I can’t wait I can’t wait” zone that I chose to just leave it be. Also, I found the tracking chart to be invaluable as I worked the pattern. Checklists FTW! (If you download the pattern from Ravelry, both the pattern and the checklist will be available to add to your library/download.)

Great tracts of land

June 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am so going to love this skirt. When it's not, you know, 90 degrees.

I picked up my Intolerable Cruelty the other day to work on it (red, see? for May’s Project Spectrum! And I didn’t even know I was doing PS at the time! My brain eeez soooo beeeg!) and put it back down after about two stitches. Waaaaay to hot and sticky to work with wool. So, after some time spent surfing on Ravelry, I grabbed a bag of beautiful green* Rowan Tweed that’s been sort of hanging out in my stash for awhile and cast on a Nurgake (Ravelry link).

As it turns out, it's actually pretty easy being green.

Unfortunately, I’m a little more, shall we say, bountiful in some areas than the person the original pattern was written for, and it comes in only one size. What’s a girl to do? Math, that’s what! One thing about this pattern is that it’s a little sparse on the details. Not that it’s badly written, just that I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. There are definitely some areas where you need to be able to read between the lines to figure out what’s going on. Oddly, I find this makes it easier for me to alter a pattern, because there’s less I need to reinterpret…or perhaps rather because I’ve already done the interpreting for myself it’s easier to adjust that interpretation.

So I’ve done the math and changed the numbers and so far, it seems to be coming along well. I did make one teeny mistake when changing the numbers, but that was an easy (one stitch) tweak, so no worries. I’ve just started the collar decreases and am excited to get to the end of the front bodice so I can join up and try it on to see if my adjustments were correct. This is going so fast I won’t even mind terribly if they’re not (but I’m pretty sure they are…math is a wonderful and powerful tool when used correctly).

*Funny story…I just happened to check the PS website on my way to grabbing the Ravelry link for the sweater…June’s color is green! I didn’t even know! Clearly, I am just totally in tune with Project Spectrum this year.

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