Make’n’Tell Day 9: Nothing To…Aw, Crap — I Already Used That Title

February 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

Except this time, there really is nothing to see here. Wait — actually, here’s a great pic of Becky that I took yesterday:

Seven going on 25

Seven going on 25 (the purple hair adds some years)

Whew. That was close. Seriously, though, I just worked on unshowables yesterday. I did get a lot done, just nothing I can show (yet).


Found It on the Internet Friday #13

May 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, Found It on the Internet Friday is back, baby! Woohoo!

This week, I made a Rapunzel wig for my daughter. A few weeks ago, she told me that they would be having “Dress as Your Favorite Character” day at school, and she really wanted to be Rapunzel but [insert tear-filled big brown eyes and a suitably pitiful expression here] her hair was too short. I’d seen Rapunzel wigs around on the interwubs, and even Pinned a couple with the intention of making one for her someday. Looked like “someday” had arrived.

I obtained yarn (3 balls of Lion Brand Baby’s First — a bulky cotton acrylic blend that’s nice and soft and just the right color yellow along with a single novelty oddball in the same color for a little texture) and studied the tutorials.

The first step was to get the yarn out of the balls and into suitably long strands. To make as per the tutorials (which I didn’t, but more on that later) you want the strands to actually be twice as long as the desired length of the hair, as one half will be on one side of the head and the other half will be on the other side. The easiest way to do this is to wrap the yarn around a tall piece of cardboard like you’re making a giant tassel (note to self: hmmmmm…giant tassel might be an interesting decorative element). I still had the display from Becky’s science fair project, which is about 3′ tall — perfect.

After winding all of the yarn off (important note: you want all of the yarn ends to be at the same end of the cardboard), I used a piece of waste yarn to tie the bundle together loosely at one end (opposite where you ended the balls) and then cut the other end open. Now it was time to sew it onto the base.

Ah, the base. So, the first tutorial I found indicated one would need a wig cap. I did not have time to obtain such a thing. Another tutorial suggested using the cutoff sleeve of an old t-shirt. This I could do. I cut the sleeve off and sewed the end shut, then tried it on Becky’s head, and it fit. Awesome! I took my bundle of “hair” and centered it on the cap, then used my machine to sew right down the middle, front to back (you could totally do this by hand but it would be tedious and I hate hand sewing with a white hot passion anyhow).

I put it on my phrenology head and braided the hair, then tried it on Becky again. No good. Couldn’t get it to stay on her head. I thought maybe I’d started the braid too far up, so I took that out and started it lower (leaving the hair at the top looser so the cap would have room to stretch). Still no good. Maybe the cap isn’t deep enough? Perhaps if we sewed it to a hat we knew fit?

So I was looking for an old winter hat of hers to tack the thing to, and came across the hat from her candycorn costume (how did I not blog this?!?! Clearly that’s going to have to happen.). Perfect! I sat down and sewed the tshirt cap onto the candycorn cap BY HAND, even. Still no good. Can’t get it to stay on her head, even with no braid. Sigh. Epiphany: I shouldn’t craft while sleep deprived, because I sewed the too-tight thing on to the big-enough thing, making the big-enough thing now too-tight. Duh.

As I sat down to rip the whole thing out so I could sew the hair directly onto the candycorn cap, it occurred to me that there was no need to actually unsew the hair…that in fact leaving it attached to a strip of the tshirt material would make it easier to sew back down. So that’s what I did (if I was doing it again and starting from this point instead of screwing up twice on the way, I’d sew it flat to a strip of material then proceed from there). Then as I was getting ready to attach it front to back again, I had another epiphany: What if, instead of front to back, I attached the hair from side to side around the front of the base of the cap? I pinned it to check if it would work and YES! Beautiful! And much easier to sew! (Except I kept not paying attention and getting strands stuck so the machine needle kept breaking and flying into my face. XTreme Crafting at its finest.)

So, I got the hair back on — above the elastic so I’d still have the stretch — and tried it on the Girl Child. It fit. It stayed on even when she walked around a little. YAAAAAYYYY! Got it braided (I did start too high the first time and had to redo it, but that was no big deal) and it still stayed on. Finally, success! My reward? This smile:

Yep. Totally worth it.

The two changes I want to make are: a) because of the way the hair falls you can see the wig cap in some spots. However, this will be a pretty easy fix — I just need to arrange the hair properly then overstitch it at the “hairline” so the strands don’t fall. Silly gravity. And b) because I needed to keep the stitching above the elastic to retain the stretch, there’s a big white band there. It passable as a “headband” but I’d like to put a ribbon over it and pretty it up a little. Both little things and easy to fix — we just didn’t have time before school this morning.

Laura Is a Punk Rocker!

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I need a haircut. Not a trim, a cut. About three inches needs to be just whacked right off the bottom of my hair (don’t worry — it’ll still be quite long). See, I sort of won the genetic hair lottery…it grows in lovely and thick and straight, and I take care not to damage it by not using any product on it and not blow-drying or using hot curlers on it except for special occasions. This means I can get away with only getting a trim every 6 – 9 months or so…but occasionally I lose track and go even longer between. This is usually not a problem, but last time I got it trimmed I didn’t have them take enough off, so now my hair is just way, way too long. The ends are getting a little frizzy, but mostly? It’s just too damn long for me to do anything with. Unfortunately, for the next few weeks I’m going to have neither the time nor the inclination to get a cut.

Also, I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair blue. Not all of it, but like a big strak of it. I’ve been holding off because I didn’t know if I’d like it and if I didn’t, well, I’d either be stuck with it or have to get a short cut to get rid of it, or overdye it so I’d have a streak of hair that didn’t quite match my real hair (because it never does), and I wasn’t really excited about any of those options (and even if I did like it, I’d be facing one of those options eventually as it grew out). But I came across this on Pinterest the other day and decided instead of growing increasingly annoyed with the extra inches, I’d do something fun with it instead. So now, there’s a rainbow on my head!

Contrary to the advice in the article, I did do the bleaching myself (because remember, worst case scenario, I go and get a haircut that I need anyhow). Kit put the color on for me — twice. See, I also came across some stuff on the intarwubs about dying hair with Kool-Aid. It worked, but after I shampooed it looked as if I’d done it weeks ago and it was just barely hanging on. So I got some proper hair dye (had to go to the beauty supply store) and we did it all over again. It’s still not as vibrant as I’d expected, I suspect because I used over-the-counter 30 volume peroxide (L’Oreal, I think, but I wouldn’t swear to it) instead of waiting and getting 40 volume at the beauty supply store. My hair is both dark and reddish, so it just didn’t come up particularly light, which means the color put on top of it was sitting on a dark base rather than a light base.

I really love it, and will probably do it again even after I finally get my hair cut. I’m lucky that I work in a creative industry for a pretty easy-going company, but even if I didn’t, since the color is only on the ends I could always hide it in a bun for work.

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