May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Well, I mean, obviously. In a nutshell, about halfway through February, my new studio got finished and ready for me to move in. So, I’ve been concentrating on getting everything set up in there and getting it functional to use as studio/crafting space/office/etc. I’m hoping to be completely set up by June. There will be pictures, eventually.

How that affects this space:
Clearly, I’m not blogging regularly at all. There might be some sporadic posts here and there going forward¬†— especially since I have a few drafts that just never got posted —¬†but I’m not promising anything. Once I get all set up, I’m mostly going to be concentrating on getting my designing back on track (since that’s also been pretty much shut down by not having a place to really spread out and work out of), but I’m also going to start working on a fancy new redesign for this space. More color, more features, more info. The plan is to do a big relaunch in the fall, which works perfectly since that coincides with knitting and baking season.


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