March 29, 2013 § 2 Comments

Check out my oh-so-Springy nails! I decided I was sick and tired of waiting for Spring to get here, so Wednesday I painted these bad boys up with pretty little cherry blossoms. My toes match, too, and (despite the 40 F temps) I wore my flip flops for the first* time this year.


The main polishes are from Julep’s Maven box, which I tried out for the first time this month. I got the Bombshell Box, which had this gorgeous almost-red fuschia color and the pretty gold-leafy color you see there. I’ll be honest, the Maven box is a little pricey for me, but the polishes go on really nicely and lasted without chipping a couple of days on me (which for me is a lot). I’m skipping this month, but will keep an eye on future boxes to see what they’ve got. (Full disclosure: if you click that linkie and sign up, I get reward points.)

Since Wednesday, I have been wearing skirts and flip flops and driving with the sunroof open and — most importantly — have gotten my annual Spring sinusitis. I declare Spring officially sprung!

Okay, technically the second, but that one day when I was sick and had to take the kids to school and didn’t have the energy to put on my boots doesn’t count. Man, did I get some looks that day.


This Swatch is Trying to Kill Me

March 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Or, Another Post with no Picture Because I Can’t Show You Yet

Amongst the many other projects I’m working on is a sweater for a commission  On the plus side, there’s no actual deadline on this one (unfortunately, practically speaking, that means it keeps getting put off, and I really need to stop that because it’s going to be big and heavy at some point and I’ll probably be pretty unhappy if that point happens mid-August) (although really, it’s beginning to seem like it’s never going to be warm again up here in the frozen North, so maybe I’ll want a lap blanket in the middle of summer), but I have a little break between deadlined projects, so I started swatching.

I used the chart I had made up when I originally swatched for the submission, and got about, oh, 30 rows in before I realized that my new swatch looked nothing like my old swatch. So I got out the old swatch and tried to figure out what was going on. I got it mostly right, but there was something that was still eluding me…and I finally realized that I’d completely changed the pattern. Punchline: I had written out, in detail, the new pattern. Right underneath the chart I’d been referring to. Sigh.

Third time was the charm, though, and now it’s looking pretty awesome. This is another one I can’t wait  to share with you, not just because the pattern is going to be gorgeous  but because the yarn is so nice to work with (coughKnitPicksCityTweedcough).

Exciting and Delighting

March 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

Just a few upcoming things I’m finding exciting…

1. The upcoming relaunch of this here bloggy thing. I spent some time away, but found myself missing it, so I’m coming back. I think a couple of things contributed to my hiatus, mostly that I tried awfully hard to keep all of my posts mostly non-personal — which is really just not my style — and also that I wasn’t able to customize it the way I wanted to. Well, going forward I’m going to be a little less uptight about what I post (look forward to more pics of my awesome children and possibly responses to crazy people on the internet when they give me internet rage, but not at the expense of posts about food and crafts). And I ponied up so I can make the blog look and feel the way I really want it to (for starters, see the nifty pic of Pete the Owl there in the background?).

2. The sooper-sekrit project I just finished. Can’t show you pics of this one just yet, but trust me, it’s pretty awesome.

3. The pattern I have in the final stages of tech editing right now. My incredibly awesome and patient tech editor is doing an awesome job and I can’t wait to release it to you. I’m hoping it will be able to coincide with the official relaunch of the blog next week, and I’ll probably run some sort of special promo. This one, I can give you a sneak peek of:

Tantivy Preview

It is called Tantivy, which means “At full gallop; at top speed.” and it is so named because it works up so quickly. It’s got bell sleeves, waist shaping, eyelet details, and a generous cowl neck. I really love this sweater, both the knitting of it and the wearing of it…so, so comfy.

4. Getting back to writing recipes and making fun little projects! I’m going to be bringing back Tasty Tuesdays and Found It on the Internet Fridays, and I’m super excited about both. My Pinterest overfloweth, and I can’t wait to share all the cool stuff I’ve found. I’ve already got several recipes that I’ve been working on over the past couple  of months, and I know at least one of them will surprise you if you know me at all (hint: it involves cooking veggies).

It’s so good to be back!

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