Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat! And I Meowmeowmeow and I Meowmeowmeow*

October 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

You know that sweater you didn’t get a picture of yesterday? Ta-da!

Yes, that is the best picture I can take of myself without my big fancy camera and tripod. It doesn’t help that my new phone (which I lurvs) is just slightly too large for me to hold in one hand.

This is a super-crazy modified version of Big Tile Pullover from the Fall 2012 Interweave Knits. The most obvious differences are the motif (the originals were a little too phallic for me) and the change to a mock t-neck from the full turtle on the original (my story here is that I thought it would be too bulky with the short sleeves and IN NO WAY indicates that I was too damn lazy to finish it). I also shortened the waist shaping a bit (by removing rows between the decreases and increases. I like the end result, but I’m not 100% in love with it. There are some yoke shaping issues — I had to leave out a bunch of rows there to keep it from being waaaaay longer than the pattern said it should be (yes, I compensated for the few extra rows from the change in motif) — and it rides up like crazy, which I’m not sure is more because of the way the arms are shaped or another issue caused by the yoke shaping. I don’t wear a lot of yoked sweaters, so maybe this is just a yoke thing. In any case, it is fun and cute and warm and a pretty quick knit, so overall I am pleased.

Oh — on the new motifs: these were the kitty cats from one of my stitch dictionaries (I want to say the Knitting Stitch Bible, but don’t hold me to that). I worked them as Fair Isle, but they really should be intarsia. And I did the top few rows of each one in duplicate stitch, which I still hate (sorry, Docstar — from now on I’m bringing all my duplicate stitch to you). So that won’t be happening again any time soon. The heart is there because I neglected to make sure my chosen motif would actually work evenly across the stitches I had available, and it’s on the right instead of the left because that’s where the end of the round happened to be and I wasn’t ripping back.

Now, back to designing!

*This is my current alarm: 


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