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January 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m in Dallas for the week, so the bloggy blog is pretty much hiatused. I had intended to set up a bunch of posts to be pre-scheduled to go up while I was away, but decided to get my submission for next year’s Jane Austen Knits ready to go early instead so I don’t have to panic about it when I get back. Look at me being all adult and stuff.

Speaking of submitting to magazines, there was a post from Rock’n’Purl’s blog last week (I will try to find it and link it but I’m writing this on my phone so we’ll see Hey! Lookee! I did it!) that made me realize that my litmus test for whether something is good enough to submit is whether I would be comfortable self-publishing it. I like to think this is a pretty high standard, and also, this means there are probably going to start being some more stand alone patterns available directly from me (and one of my goals for the next couple of seems is to get the patterned I already have available linked up here so y’all can get to them a little easier).

There may be another post or two from me this week, since I found this handy-dandy phone app, but mostly I’m just going to be hanging out and enjoying some quality time with my daddy.


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  • Ruth says:

    Yes, I believe being happy with the idea regardless of whether it’s accepted or not is a key point – I cannot believe how many people my post clicked with, and I wish you the best with your Jane Austen submission, I wasn’t so grown up and didn’t manage to get one in!

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