Found It on the Internet Friday #5

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

For years I’ve had one of those fabric tubes full of plastic bags hanging on my wall, and while it’s certainly a better way to store the damn things than just shoving them into a drawer (or tossing them and getting new ones all the time)*, it’s still kind of bulky and unsightly. So when I came across this post with some alternates and saw the repurposed household wipes container, I was all over it.

Like it was always there!

I dried out my empty container, shoved a bunch of bags in, removed the label, and made pretty designs with my sharpies, to match my other kitchen accessories. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures, so you’re going to have wait until tomorrow to see it. But it fits so nicely on a shelf — I’m thrilled with it. AND, now when we go to BJs and need a bunch of bags, I can just grab that container and throw it in the car. Heck, I might even make a second one just to keep in the car!

A little closer

*Yes, I know I should be using cloth etc. bags, and I do try my best to a) remember to take them with me and b) actually take them out and put my groceries in them, but I’m not always successful. And I reuse the plastic bags I do get, as trashcan liners, when I need to transport something messy or to hand something off to someone who won’t be returning my bag to me. So don’t get all up in my grill, yo. Yeah, I know I totally can’t pull off that last bit.

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