Yeah, I Bacon-ated It

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Many of my friends believe that I will put bacon on (or in) anything, and that’s just not true. There are lots of things that I will not put bacon on. I can’t think of any of them right now, but I’m sure they exist. PB&J sammies are not on the list. I made the week’s bread (in the bread machine instead of the oven — it’s still too damn hot for baking) and the smell just gave me a wicked craving for PB&J. Fortunately I had both the PB and the J (technically I used apricot-raspberry preserves, so I suppose it’s a PB&P), so I decided it was A Plan. Then I remembered I had some bacon, too, and that just sounded freaking awesome. And lo, I created the PB&P&B and it was, indeed, awesome:

This is not going to help me convince people that I don't just slather everything I eat with bacon. I'm okay with that.



On another note, I have had a Very Productive Weekend, and am pleased with all the progress I’ve made. Most of the Soopah Sekrit projects I’m working right now for design submissions are of either the small-ish or swatch-ish variety, but I do have one ginormous piece that I’m working on that needs to get done sooner rather than later. And by “ginormous” I mean superbulky wool and plenty of it. Perfect for working on during those sweltering summer evenings! (That last bit was my sarcastic voice.) On top of that, there’s a big colorwork section that needed to get done, and that was my goal for the weekend: finish the colorwork section. And I did! So I’m putting that down for now and taking a look at some of the smaller things I need to get going on, and also maybe I’ll do the dishes and whatnot. Since I expected to really be pushing to get this far by bedtime, I’m feeling pretty good and ahead of schedule for a change. I kinda like it.



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