New Feature! Found It on the Interwebs Fridays!

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have for some time now been collecting sites with cool craft ideas to “get to later”. I use a nifty widget called “toread” that lets me just click a button and then it emails me a snapshot of the page, with the link to the original page right at the top so I can get back to it. And recently I’ve been using Pintrest in a similar way, to mark photos that make my crafty juices start burbling with ideas — one of my favorite things about Pintrest is that I can group together elements that I want to combine for a project like, say, next year’s Fortunetide dress, or the train cake that Zack has requested for his birthday.

There's really no pic to go with this post, so here, have this monkey-pony monster. I personally think they may have used too many monkeys. (From PAXEast10 -- I did not make it, but I do think it's awesome.)

It struck me recently as I was emailing myself the 5th or 6th link of the day, that (with the exception of recipes) I almost never get back around to actually making any of these awesome crafts. And then an idea came to me in the shower this morning: every week I’ll go through my backlog of these things, pick something out to make, and post about it. So, starting next week (because I just thought of it this morning, so I don’t have one for today) every Friday there will be a project made either directly from instructions I found online, or inspired by something I found online. Aren’t you excited? I am!

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