Doing the Math

July 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m going to get a little ranty here — consider yourself warned. One of my pattern pet peeves is the instruction to increase or decrease X stitches “evenly around/across”. I feel like it’s just plain lazy on the part of the designer, and I promise you will never see that instruction in one of my patterns. I do believe that in general knitters and crocheters are pretty bright and are perfectly capable of doing the required math to figure it out, but why should they have to? When I’m writing the pattern, I’ve already done the math…why in the world wouldn’t I provide those numbers in the final pattern? Even, or maybe especially, for pieces with multiple sizes, it’s just not that much more effort on my (the designer’s) part and it’s an opportunity to remove a potentially frustrating aspect of the pattern. I’ll admit, it gets a little dicey when the numbers don’t work out quite evenly, but better to include several lines of instructions describing how to make it work than to make the poor end user figure it out on their own.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way I do, and there are still a lot of patterns out there with “evenly around/across” type instructions. So I wrote up some tips over on the Lion Brand blog to help you quickly and easily work out what you need to do when you encounter patterns like this.

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