All the Difference in the World

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

In fact, this is how I feel right now (I'm the Vader, not the kitten).

Last week, I didn’t blog because it was just a rough week and I was away from a computer for most of it and, well, no blogging got done (gotta learn how to use the WP app on my Droid!). This week, I’ve been planning to blog all week but have just fallen victim to a nasty sort of ennui and not gotten around to it. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where said ennui was coming from, but I finally realized that I haven’t really done anything creative for about a week now. I mean, I’ve been working on a couple of ongoing knitting projects, but they’re just following patterns — nothing to get the creative juices flowing.

So last night, I decided to chef it up a bit. I made a bunch of stuff that not only had I never made before, but that I was making up right on the spot! This is one of my very favorite things to do in the kitchen, and I can’t believe how much shinier the world is after having done it. Yesterday, I was cranky and down and bored and today I feel like singing and twirling and hugging people. Not that I’m going to actually do those things — I feel like my officemates might frown on it and possibly have me committed — but in my head? Singing and twirling and hugging.

This is a little bit of a tease, because I will blog about all this shiny happy making kitchen creativity tomorrow — no pictures of the yumminess have yet occurred. But I do have a little something for my knitting and crocheting friends today: a couple of blogs I did for work about how to decrease:

And a little more teasing of upcoming blogs I have planned: a non-fiber 5 minute craft project that’s both super easy and super useful; caramel-filled chocolate cookies; bacon cinnamon rolls; the finished Nurgake; and a couple of new projects on the needles. Oh, and if I can ever get some decent pictures, that hat pattern I keep promising! There are also some more work-blogs coming down the pike that I’ll link over to. So stay tuned, and I’ll try to avoid the lengthy radio silences in the future!

(Image via Akira the Don)


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