Bacon is the new black

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bacon cheddar scones. Yes, they're in the shape of a tie fighter. That only makes them more delicious. Also, how do I not have any actual pictures of bacon? Clearly, I need to whip up a big ol' pile of bacon post-haste and fix that.

A co-worker sent me a link this morning to  a wonderfully well-thought-out, well-written, well-supported post about the non-evilness of bacon. When I read the introductory paragraphs, I felt like they were something I could have written…my reputation as a baconeater (not to be confused with a Baconator) often precedes me, and since I’m relatively slender these days, I get a lot of astonished reactions when I talk about all of the delicious things I do with said bacon. You know, like put it in cookies, or replace the veggies in chicken pot pie with it, or throw some in a burrito, or — my favorite, which is really not one I make, but I do love to eat it — wrapping it around a cheddar-stuffed hotdog from the local butcher and then deep-frying the whole concoction. Excuse me while I slaver.

I now pass it on to you, because it is interesting and informative, and will make you feel much less guilty about loving and consuming bacon regularly. At least, that’s what it did for me. It’s long, but it’s totally worth reading. Bacon: Health Food or Devil in Delicious Disguise? (From the Balanced Bites blog)


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