The Little Easy (Shawl)

April 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

I decided after the frenzy of the past few weeks I needed something super simple on the needles. (You know, in addition to the 80 gajillion projects I already have going.) I came across this little shawl pattern when I was looking for a shawl to make for Fortunetide, and fell right in love with it. It’s super simple, just garter and stockinette stitch, with simple increases and short rows for shaping.


Just getting started...not too exciting yet

I’m making it in Lion Organic yarn, and I finally understand why people who knit Continental style hate cotton — it’s a real pain to pull it through the stitches that way. I generally work garter or long patches of stockinette Continental style just because it’s a bit faster, so I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to do that on this one…but on the other hand, the yarn feels gorgeous in my hands so I’m not too upset about the extra time I’ll need to spend handling it.

This shawl strongly evokes New Orleans for me…I can just imagine being on Bourbon street on a sultry summer night in a little cotton tank top with this shawl to keep the drafts off in the watering holes and juke joints. New Orleans is high on the list of places I’ve always wanted to visit. Someday I’ll get there, and I’ll be wearing this shawl.


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