Sold! to the lady in the pretty dress*

April 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

In addition to all of the fab crafting I did for myself at Fortunetide, I also knit a few donations for the silent auction:

Owl Keep You Warm Mittens

Owl Keep You Warm mittens

I whipped up a pair of Who? mittens (Ravelry link…as far as I can tell the designer doesn’t have a site of her own) in Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. They were both fast and easy, though I’d go up a needle size if I knit them in this wool again, as they were a little on the small side.

Nakiska headband

Nakiska headband

Fetching fingerless mitts

Fetching fingerless mitts

Then there were the matching Nakiska headband and Fetching fingerless mitts, both from Knitty. Lovely patterns — this is actually the second time I made the Fetchings and I think I’m going to start making more to give away to friends and family. Love them! The yarn I used was a heavy sock yarn that I had hand-dyed a while back — I held it double for both projects.

Cabled throw

Cabled throw

Finally, I made a Cabled Throw from the only 100% acrylic yarn I’ve ever found that I like: Hometown USA. It’s the Cambridge Tweed Colorway, and it’s actually black with little colored flecks — it was just really bright sunlight that day and I didn’t get another chance to take a picture of it. You can even see that I haven’t woven in the ends yet — I was waiting for the damn thing to dry. It finally did, and the ends got woven in before the auction.

I make a habit of not really looking to see what my items brought — I figure that way my feelings won’t be hurt if they don’t go for much and I won’t get too cocky if they sell for a bunch — but I do know that they all sold, so I consider that a success.

*All of the ladies at Fortunetide had gorgeous dresses this year, and the gents looked quite dashing as well.


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