Belle of the Ball

April 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Tomorrow I get to go to one of my favorite events: the annual Fortunetide Ball*, where I get to dress up all fancy and feel glamorous for a few hours. I’m pretty excited about this year’s dress…I usually go with basic black and then accessorize, but this year a gorgeous smoky grey-blue dress came across my browser and I knew it was The Perfect Dress. It arrived, and was just as beautiful in person. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit. See, the seller said, “Under bust must be within this range: 28 inches to 34 inches. As long as you under bust is within the above range it will fit you.”  Yeah, the underbust fit fine. The actual bust? Not so much. Also, see how in the picture the band appears to be at the true waist? It was very much an empire waist on me — not my best look.

Dress strap

Crochet edging creates a new strap for my gown

So I got out my brain and let it go to work on solving this problem. The fix I came up with was so simple I almost couldn’t believe it…all I had to do was cut the shoulder seams and add some extra material. Sure enough, about 6″ of strap added there dropped the waist down and made the bust fit beautifully. I had originally thought I’d use ribbon for the extra straps, but I found a cone of silver mercerized cotton in my stash and crocheted a couple of lengths of edging instead.  I am absolutely loving the way it came out.

I was lucky enough to find a yarn at my LYS (Creative Knitworks — love them!) that matches the dress beautifully…it’s Arucania Ranco and it’s a gorgeous hand-dye with all the colors of the dress. I made the Aphrodite capelet from Caron, and it worked up nice and easy (though I did modify it slightly to leave off the last few rows of the main pattern and the shells on the edging). I am thrilled with the final result.

Aphrodite shawl

Aphrodite shawl

Aphrodite shawl, detail

Aphrodite shawl, detail

New shoes

The perfect shoes: free, comfy, and pretty

Even the shoes for this year’s outfit had a crafty element. I couldn’t find cheap-yet-attractive silver shoes, and I wasn’t willing to shell out for the pretty-but-expensive ones, since I’m not really the kind of girl who has a lot of call for silver shoes. So I took my favorite pair of strappy black sandals from last year, which were on their last legs as black sandals, and spray-painted them silver (thanks to Kit for the suggestion!). Win!

*Fortunetide is the yearly fundraising ball for Otherworld. Otherworld is one of the most awesome things in the world. Every year, we give 48 very lucky people the chance to have a fabulous adventure and be heroes. It’s relaxing, invigorating, recharging, and sometimes even lifechanging. To find out more, go here. There’s even a spiffy video here. If you have any questions or want more info, drop me a line.

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